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Song: We Come Running
Artist: Youngblood Hawke
Album: Wake Up
Played: 40 times

We Come Running - Youngblood Hawke

#We Come Running #Youngblood Hawke #Wake Up

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Song: Glass Harp
Artist: Lost In The Trees
Album: Past Life
Played: 54 times

Glass Harp - Lost In The Trees

#Glass Harp #Lost In The Trees #Past Life

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Song: New Candles
Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Album: You Can Play These Songs With Chords
Played: 114 times

New Candles - Death Cab for Cutie

#New Candles #Death Cab for Cutie #You Can Play These Songs With Chords

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Anonymous inquired:

i just remembered my 8th grade science teacher's husband was in a band called Gospel Claws and i just looked them up now and they are really good and i feel like it would be right up you guy's ally. they sound like a mix of Born Ruffians and The Drums. wow. i can't believe they are realllllly good.

Gospel Claws sounds like a Panic! at the Disco song


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Song: Calgary
Artist: Bon Iver
Album: Bon Iver, Bon Iver (Limited Edition)
Played: 134 times

Calgary - Bon Iver

#Calgary #Bon Iver #Bon Iver Bon Iver

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Song: Rage Flows
Artist: Born Ruffians
Album: Birthmarks
Played: 50 times

Rage Flows - Born Ruffians

#Rage Flows #Born Ruffians #Birthmarks

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Song: Velvet Antlers
Artist: Death Vessel
Album: Island Intervals
Played: 56 times

Velvet Antlers - Death Vessel

#Velvet Antlers #Death Vessel #Island Intervals

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Song: Hanna's theme (vocal version)
Artist: The Chemical Brothers
Album: Hanna (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Played: 210 times

Hanna’s Theme (Vocal Version) - The Chemical Brothers

#hanna's theme #the chemical brothers #hanna (original motion picture soundtrack)

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Song: Sonsick (Magic Man Remix)
Artist: San Fermin
Album: San Fermin
Played: 86 times

Sonsick (Magic Man Remix) - San Fermin

#sonsick #magic man remix #san fermin

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Song: Belong
Artist: Washed Out
Album: High Times EP
Played: 364 times

Belong - Washed Out

#belong #washed out #high times ep

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Song: Escapee
Artist: Architecture In Helsinki
Album: Moment Bends
Played: 112 times

Escapee - Architecture In Helsinki

#escapee #architecture in helsinki #moment bends

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Song: Allstar
Artist: Smash Mouth
Album: Astro Lounge
Played: 192 times

Allstar - Smashmouth

#allstar #smashmouth #astro lounge

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Song: But The Regrets Are Killing Me
Artist: American Football
Album: American Football
Played: 242 times

But The Regrets Are Killing Me - American Football

#But The Regrets Are Killing Me #American Football

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Song: Saltkin
Artist: Purity Ring
Album: Shrines
Played: 610 times

Saltkin - Purity Ring

#Saltkin #Purity Ring #Shrines

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